Rose answers to the question

Yes I admit

My forefathers and mothers

They belong to the roses

Yes I guess me too

So Rose accept her destination

To carry her perfume

Like her mother did too

Simply all in the family

(copyrights ameen 2021)

The woman with her flower

Every 24 hour is the woman together with her flower

Her most valuable gift she knows

Nature love so available pure

Once it was chocolate

But suddenly a change

When the bee came to her bed

Enjoy the day with a flower

Every minute and hour

And so she listens to nature’s wish

(copyrights ameen 2021)

Trespass treshold

The tiger looses his character

He should be here but there is no tiger

Are we standing on a treshold?

December is nearly halfway

What’s happening in loosing yourself?

Robotisering perfect perhaps

The lion in you needs to be the one he is

Or are we going back to paradise?

The king and queen obeying their king

And what about us?

Are you the savior of yourself?

Or are you cooperating with the highest?

( as a part in you)

Soul searching or soul connection

You know it in the meeting

Be your crocodile or not

Never forget in mind your soul

It’s not a warning

It’s a statement in an offering truth

Trustful travel with the traffic information inside

Bloodlines and good breathing nothing more than love

(Copyrights Ameen 2022)


He is saying, I’m

I’m a farmer of words

Pure natural and organic

Organized by inspiration

Literally words, points and comma’s

Liberation and spirituality on this grass my cattle is living

Gratitude for every living

The farmer I’m in all kind of different diversity words

Just name it

It’s forbidden to blame it

Green from the heart

In every breath heartbeat a start

(of words)

– copyrights ameen 2021 –

Daily dance

So early in the morning I start

My daily dance all is round

As it should be

Twirling around myself

And in the mystery with you

Even sitting with breakfast

We twirle all around

In silence or in a sound

Of words

Saying bye when you go to work

I dance more and more

The shops are open and and and

Their doors are ready to enter with the dance

Words are waiting for the dance on paper

Swing swing like swimming in perfect water

Crawling on the white sheets

Words wants wanting more

And with the cooking all smells together

In the reunion of a better taste

All is dance so don’t forget

When you lay on your bed

The dream awakens

Go go go ahead forwards

The way of everything and every step

Dance whole days

– copyright Ameen 2021-


Is this what the wind brings around you and further

In more and more

As a performer of perfumes

In a way nobody knows you to the core

I go for the society of the rose

My flower of the flowers

For this beauty I bow

In this smell all odour intoxicates me

The repeating wind is for others

I choose or better select for non-reputation

As a writer the letters are my sensation

To be sensitive with them even sensual

The threshold of the space between the words is the point

In the words everything can happen

In the wolf I’m hunting for a good poem

The pray of the prey (or opposite) my white paper

(Copyrights Ameen 2021)